Innovative Recycling Grant Competition

Developing New Uses for Leftover Latex Paint

PaintCare believes there are great ideas out there for developing recycling options for the fraction of latex paint which is not recycled today; however, more work is needed to advance these ideas towards commercialization. We developed the PaintCare Innovative Recycling Grant Competition to identify and help develop the best ideas for recycling leftover latex paint. In 2019, PaintCare conducted three separate competitions using funding from the PaintCare programs in California, Colorado, and Connecticut. The winner, individual or entity, of each competition was awarded a grant of up to $100,000 for an idea which is expected to return benefits to the state that contributed the funding.

Applicants were asked to complete a questionnaire and were evaluated by a panel of judges on criteria including the background and expertise of the applicant and key employees, the value of the product, the value of the technology and production to utilize the fraction of paint not currently recycled, and the benefits to the funding PaintCare state.


On July 9, 2019 PaintCare announced the winners of its inaugural Innovative Recycling Grant Competition. Sacramento, CA-based Visions Recycling and Englewood, CO-based GreenSheen were awarded grants of $100,000 each to develop their ideas for recycling unused latex paint that is not currently used to manufacture new paint products. Visions Recycling is a subsidiary of Visions Quality Coatings, dedicated to creating blends of recycled paint. Funds provided by PaintCare will be used to conduct testing, market analysis, and operations expansion to commercialize the production of pre-cast concrete products using unwanted latex paint. GreenSheen will use grant support to formulate and test a new acrylic polymer admixture made of waste latex paint that will act as a partial replacement for mix water in the production of concrete. PaintCare’s Innovative Recycling Grant Competition also included a third opportunity funded by its program in Connecticut. No qualified submissions were received for that state.

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No grants are being offered at this time. Future grant deadlines will be posted here.