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7 Painting Projects You Can Do Outdoors

Why not use up some of that leftover paint you have sitting in storage?

With the summer season in full swing, it’s a great time to get outside for some low cost outdoor painting projects.

  1. Update a Picnic Table

A colorful picnic table is a great way to add personality to your backyard and create a space to spend time with your friends and family. If you come across a weathered, old picnic table at a yard sale, consider giving it new life with a brand new paint job. Have some leftover exterior paint in storage? Use it up! Even if it’s not the right color, you can use it for a base coat before applying your final color.

  1. Paint a Park Bench

There’s nothing quite like a good park bench to sit outside and read a book while taking in the outdoors. Fixing up an old park bench can be cheap and easy – all it takes is a good cleaning, a light sanding, some leftover paint.

  1. Update Your Fencing with a New Color

Make a great impression on your neighbors with a newly painted fence. After a good cleaning and some due diligence to fill any cracks and sand uneven surfaces, you’ll be ready for a coat of color. Use up some leftover primer before applying the final coat of paint.

  1. Give Your Planters a Splash of Color

An easy way to give new life to old pots or planters you have around the shed: add some color. Try painting in coordinated stripes, just the bottom half, or try some fun patterns to give your planters a unique look.

  1. Paint Your Front Door

A colorful front door is a small project with a big impact. It’s great way to make your house stand out. There are many colors that go well on a front door, so be sure to pick the right one for you.

  1. Add Some Color to Wood Lounge Chairs

Lounge in style with some colorful lounge chairs. Try some bright, vivid colors to liven up a plain wood lounge chair.

  1. Stain Your Deck

Ok, this might not be a small project, but it’s an important one and you probably have some leftover deck stain too. Deck’s are usually exposed to the elements, as well as a lot of foot traffic, so they require maintenance to keep them protected. A quality stain and sealer penetrates the wood grain to seal it, while also allowing moisture to escape from the wood. Properly staining your deck will help maintain its beauty through the years.

Tackling one or more of these projects? Share them with us on Facebook and show us how you’ve used up your leftovers.