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Colorado DIY Photo Contest: And The Winners Are…


PaintCare’s DIY Photo Contest has come to an end.

It was 10 days full of creative submissions from the residents of Colorado that showcased how they use up leftover house paint. While many entered, only five of our submissions will be taking home a prize.

Our Grand Prize Winner Is…

08-08_16-PAINT-0564_Social_Media_Campaign_winner_FNLOur grand prize winner, Shelly Fuller, painted this beautiful mural for her child’s nursery using leftover paint she picked off of the reuse shelves of the Boulder County Hazardous Materials Management Facility. Since she was the second “owner” of this paint, she had only had it for a few weeks. It took her five hours to take on this project, from start to finish. She encourages other DIY enthusiasts to have fun with projects like these.

As her prize, Shelly will be receiving a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Our Four Runners Up Are…


Our first runner up, Stacy Pitre, took eight gallons she bought from the ‘oops table’ at her local paint retailer and blended them together to create a color that was a perfect match for her room. It took her two weekends, but her project came out looking great. As she put it: “Paint is paint. It can be mixed to your perfect color. Why not, right?”

One of our more artistic submissions came from Angela Graham. Her artwork, portraying animals from her local zoo, was created during a community paint by number event at the Pueblo Zoo. The paint itself was donated from the recycling center and from various other house projects. Some of the paint was over a year old. It took several weeks to complete, but all that effort paid off in the end. 

Another standout DIY project came from Alexa Grice. She took some leftover paint from painting a patio set and used it to refinish a 1970s style dresser. The project took a few days to paint, but it was worth the effort in the end. Her advice for anyone interested in taking on a project like this is simple: “Be sure to sand before you start, and be patient while it dries.”

Our final runner up was from Kathleen Temple, who made a dull dinner tray table fabulous through a beautiful design created with leftover paint.  

While they’re not taking home a grand prize, each of these submissions will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card for their efforts.

We thank all our participants for taking the time to submit their DIY projects that used leftover paint. It was truly a great show of creativity, and we hope that these DIY projects inspire others to use up their leftover paint. While the contest is now over, we encourage all our followers to visit our Facebook page and share their unique DIY projects that use up leftover paint. If you still need some inspiration, visit our “Paint Smarter” page to find some more ways to use it up!