PaintCare Fees in Oregon Increase Oct. 1, 2018

Fee Increase Fact Sheet for Paint Retailers

Detailed information about the increased PaintCare fees in Oregon is available in the Fee Increase Fact Sheet.

The fee increase takes effect October 1, 2018.

Materials for Retail Paint Customers

To inform your paint customers about the PaintCare fee increase in Oregon, PaintCare makes available in-store posters and leaflets. To download and print the poster or leaflet, click on the links below.

In-Store Poster The poster can be printed in color or black-and-white on standard 8.5″x11″ paper. It can be displayed in the paint aisle or at the paint counter or checkout.

Leaflet The leaflet can be printed in color or black-and-white on standard 8.5″x11″ paper. Note that each printed page presents three individual leaflets. Simply use scissors to cut the page into three separate leaflets. Leaflets will fit in your brochure holder. They can be distributed at the paint counter or checkout or can be enclosed in monthly statements.

The fee increase leaflet is also available in Spanish

If you would like to receive color hardcopies of the poster or leaflet in the mail, send an e-mail to When ordering, please be sure to include:  1) a contact name, 2) business name, 3) mailing address, and 4) quantity of leaflets or posters desired. 

Overview of Increased PaintCare Fees

PaintCare submitted to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) a proposed increase on the fees assessed on the sale of architectural coatings (e.g., paint, stain and varnish) in Oregon. DEQ approved the fees in May 2018.

The increase was requested to cover the costs of collecting and processing volumes of leftover paint that continue to increase each year and to ensure that PaintCare can continue to meet its obligations under the Oregon paint stewardship law.

PaintCare carefully reviewed the financial status of the Oregon PaintCare program and concluded that as a result of the large volumes of paint being collected in the state, a fee increase is necessary to sustain the program in the future. For more information about the Program’s current financials, please see the latest annual report.

The proposed fee structure, based on container size, is provided below.

Container SizeEnding 9/30/18Effective 10/1/18
Half pint or smaller$0.00$0.00
Larger than half pint to smaller than 1 gallon$0.35$0.45
1 gallon
1 gallon up to 2 gallons
Larger than 1 gallon up to 5 gallons
Larger than 2 gallons up to 5 gallons

In advance of the date that the increased fees take effect (October 1, 2018), we suggest that retailers update their point-of-sale and billing systems to accommodate the fee change. Retailers should also be prepared to see the increased fees on invoices from their paint suppliers.


If you have any questions about the increase in PaintCare fees for Oregon, please contact:

Lauren Scher
Oregon Program Coordinator
(503) 410-1648