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Give it Away

Reuse includes giving paint away

Do you have some paint in good condition that someone else can use? Here are some ideas on how to find someone who might be interested in your leftover paint:

Friends and Relatives

Have your friends or relatives commented on how much they admire the colors you selected for your home? Offer them the leftovers.

Community Groups

Churches, schools and nonprofit organizations that do community housing projects (e.g., Habitat for Humanity) may be able to use leftover paint in good condition.


School and artist groups that create murals or do painting projects may be interested in paint for their art projects. They are often interested in white or light colors that can be tinted to new colors, or smaller containers of samples and bright colors.

Garage Sales

Having a garage sale? Put out your leftover paint with that pasta machine. Someone else may be looking for just what you don’t need anymore. It’s a win-win. They get a good deal, you make a few dollars, the paint gets reused, and it’s better than recycling.

Free Online Listings

Try listing your usable paint on websites such as or either at low cost or for free. You never know when someone will be looking for a good deal on some good paint.