Paint Smarter™

PaintCare provides tips to help in every step of the painting process. Figure out how much paint to buy, help your paint last longer in storage, find ideas for using up or giving away leftover paint, and learn where to take paint to be recycled.

Buy Right

Many people have leftover paint because it’s not always easy to plan how much paint to purchase in the first place. When estimating how much paint you need, there are several variables to take into account. We recommend measuring the space you plan to paint, bringing your measurements to the paint store, and asking the staff for expert advice on how much paint to buy. Learn the questions you should consider to help you buy right.

If you do buy too much, store it properly so it can be used it for future projects.

Store Right

While an unopened can of paint could last for years if it is stored properly, unsealed cans may not keep as long. Whether you plan to use leftovers for touchups or a future project, or even if you think you will get rid of your leftover paint later, follow these tips to keep your paint in good condition so someone else can use it or recycle it.

When you’re out of storage space, find a way to give your paint a new life.

Use it Up

Using up what you have is a great way to reduce waste. When you end up with extra paint, take a look around your house and see if there is anything you could use it on. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Still have some paint left over? Try finding someone else who might have a use for it.

Give it Away

If you can’t use up your leftover paint in good condition, friends, relatives, community groups, and artists may be able to benefit from this useful resource.

And when you’ve run out of ways to use up or pass on your leftover paint, recycle it with PaintCare.

Recycle the Rest!

PaintCare makes recycling your leftover paint easy. In PaintCare states, we’ve set up convenient locations where you can take unwanted paint, stain, varnish, and other accepted products for reuse or recycling.

Find a drop-off site near you by using the PaintCare site locator or submit a request for a Large Volume Pickup.