Large Volume
Pickup Service

Do you have more than 100 gallons?

If you have a large amount of unwanted paint (100+ gallons), PaintCare offers a free service to painting contractors, property managers, and others with large amount of leftover architectural paint. The large volume pickup (LVP) service is only available to households or businesses with at least 100 gallons of paint that are located in states and the District of Columbia where PaintCare operates.

To use the PaintCare program for oil-based paint, a business must qualify as an exempt generator under federal and any analogous state hazardous waste generator rules. Please visit the Very Small Quantity Generator page for more information on exempt generator rules. If your business does not qualify as an exempt generator, it will not be able to use the program for oil-based paint, but it can still use the program for latex products. (Non-exempt generators will be able to use the program under development in New York. Contact PaintCare for details about the New York program.)

To request an appointment, fill out and submit the online request form.
Large Volume Pickup Form

For assistance with the form or to receive a PDF call PaintCare at (855) PAINT09.

Have only a few gallons of leftover paint? Find a PaintCare drop-off location. PaintCare sites accept at least 5 gallons per visit (some take more). Visit our site locator tool to find a location near you.