Waste Facilities

Partner with PaintCare

PaintCare welcomes partnerships with waste collection facilities in states with a PaintCare program, especially those that operate household hazardous waste collection programs, transfer stations, recycling centers, and landfills. PaintCare covers costs for paint storage bins, paint transportation and recycling, and public outreach and education.

For programs that wish to offer services to PaintCare in addition to serving as a drop-off site, monetary compensation may be negotiated. These services include reprocessing paint at your site, bulking paint in situations where storage space is limited, offering usable paint in original containers to the public (paint reuse programs), and transportation from government-run satellite locations to a main site.

Read more about becoming a PaintCare drop-off site:

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facilities

Transfer Stations, Recycling Centers, and Landfills

To request a copy of PaintCare’s standard agreement for government agencies, please contact your program’s manager.

Resources for PaintCare Partners

Joint Outreach Projects

Local governments that partner with PaintCare may request funding for pre-approved joint outreach activities to promote paint drop-off sites and events, including your own. Eligible projects include digital and social media campaigns, newspaper advertising, direct mail, radio, and more.


Reuse Program Compensation

PaintCare encourages household hazardous waste programs, reuse stores, and others to operate paint reuse programs. Reuse programs return good quality unused paint to the local community at low or no cost. Reuse is a preferred method of waste management. To encourage reuse, PaintCare will compensate paint drop-off sites operating a reuse program under a contract with PaintCare.