Become a Drop-Off Site

Paint retailers may volunteer to be a drop-off site and accept paint from households and businesses in their community. Participating retailers have the opportunity to make paint recycling more convenient for their customers, help ensure the responsible management of leftover paint and may benefit from increased customer foot traffic in their store.

Good for Your Business

We found that 80% of consumers are likely to recycle leftover paint if they have the option. Make sure your store is their first stop when customers need to drop off their paint. It’s simple to participate: accept eligible products from customers, place them in the provided collection bin, and we’ll do the rest.
Business Benefits:

  • Increase customer foot traffic and sales opportunities
  • Participate at no cost to you — the program is 100% funded
  • Gain visibility by being promoted on PaintCare’s website and in its outreach and advertising campaigns
  • Demonstrate your store’s commitment to customer service
  • Receive staff training, pickup service, supplies, and consumer educational materials at no cost

Good for Your Community

The most common motivations to recycle paint are to help the environment and to do the right thing. Be a champion for your customers and the environment by becoming a drop-off site.

Community Benefits:

  • Keep leftover paint out of landfills and make it a beneficial resource
  • Promote your store’s environmental responsibility
  • Help your state conserve resources, keep paint out of the waste stream, and prevent improper disposal in your community
  • Make recycling of leftover paint convenient for customers

Drop-Off Site Testimonials

Stories from participating paint retailers about how they have benefitted from becoming a PaintCare drop-off site.

“Because people can recycle here, we think they buy more here.”—Paint retailer in Denver, CO

“It was attractive to us to get people coming in who have never been to our store.”—Paint retailer in Rochester, NY

Customers appreciate it. Nowhere in our valley takes paint but us.”—Paint retailer in Solvang, CA

“It’s a great program. Customers like that they can drop it off and it brings us more customers.”—Paint retailer in Durango, CO

“The program runs smoothly, never any issues, it’s a well-oiled machine.”—Paint retailer in Stillwater, MN

“I’m glad to be participating in the program because it’s the right thing to do for our customers, and the right thing to do for our environment.”— Paint retailer in Jay, NY

“We do it to serve the community and so we don’t see a lot of stuff on the side of the street.” —Paint retailer in San Francisco, CA

“They like that paint can be reused. People come in and buy stuff while dropping off paint.”—Paint retailer in Walden, CO

Customers like it because they are environmentally conscious.”—Paint retailer in Lacey, WA

“There are many benefits to becoming a drop-off location for PaintCare such as increased traffic to our stores and driving customer loyalty, the most important reason for participating, however, is simply because it’s the right thing to do.“— Paint retailer in Queens, NY

Jay Ward, CEO of Ward Lumber, shared his experience with the PaintCare program.