Since 2014, PaintCare has helped households and businesses in Vermont recycle more than 1 million gallons of leftover paint

BURLINGTON, V.T. (May 16, 2024) — In May 2014, Vermont became the fourth state to establish a statewide PaintCare program after the June 2013 passage of a paint stewardship law. PaintCare, a nonprofit organization created by paint companies, makes it easy to recycle leftover paint, stain, and varnish by providing convenient paint drop-off locations at local paint and hardware stores and government facilities. PaintCare also offers free on-site pickups to businesses, organizations, households, or anyone with 100 gallons of paint or more to recycle.

“PaintCare’s success in Vermont is largely due to the support from Vermont businesses that choose to do their part to support the program,” said John Hurd, Vermont program manager. “The amount of retail stores and government facilities voluntarily becoming a paint drop-off location has helped make paint recycling simple and attainable for Vermonters.”

Since its launch in 2014, the Vermont program has established over 80 year-round drop-off locations statewide and has collected and processed over one million gallons of architectural paint. Thanks to the strong network of voluntary sites, more than 98% of Vermont residents live within 15 miles of a paint drop-off location.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the program’s achievements over the past 10 years. I’m proud of the time and effort that was put in to growing this program to the size it is now.” Hurd continues, “It’s truly remarkable to see paint consumers in Vermont embracing the PaintCare program. These milestones represent a collective effort from paint consumers, community leaders, and program participants, and symbolizes a significant environmental victory for Vermont that we can all celebrate.”

Hurd is dedicated to expanding the drop-off site network and educating consumers through a range of resources on best practices for paint purchasing, storage, and reuse. Additionally, Hurd collaborates with local community organizations, such as housing groups, to emphasize the significance of proper disposal and recycling procedures.

For more information on PaintCare, Vermont’s drop-off sites, or program requirements, please visit, or follow @WeRecyclePaint on Facebook and Instagram.


About PaintCare

PaintCare is committed to making it easy and convenient for households, businesses, and institutions to recycle postconsumer (leftover) paint in states with paint stewardship laws. A nonprofit organization created by paint manufacturers, PaintCare sets up drop-off locations for leftover paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal, and conducts public education. More than 1 million gallons of paint, stain, and varnish have been managed by PaintCare’s Vermont program since its launch in 2014. For additional information, visit, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram @WeRecyclePaint.

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