Educational Poster Series

PaintCare developed a series of public education posters about paint stewardship with the help of illustrator duo Peter and Maria Hoey. The posters are inspired by classic American Mid-Century graphic styles and feature PaintCare’s Paint Smarter messaging. They encourage paint consumers to buy the right amount of paint and store it carefully to avoid waste, use up and give away extra, and recycle the rest at PaintCare drop-off sites.

The posters are available for distribution to paint retailers, recycling centers, waste facilities, schools, and others who promote paint stewardship. If you are interested in hanging these posters at your site, contact your local PaintCare staff representative.


Though they live on opposite coasts, illustrators Peter and Maria Hoey work closely together. Trading drawings back and forth from their studios in Northern California and Brooklyn, the brother and sister team produces drawings for clients like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the National Park Service. In addition to illustrations, the siblings write, draw and publish “Coin-Op” comics.