Official Documents

Summary of 2023 Washington Annual Report

This one-page infographic highlights the successes from the most recent reporting period for the Washington PaintCare program (January to December 2023). Please consider downloading and printing a copy of the infographic and then posting it for staff and the public at your business or organization.

Annual Report

The first report for Washington covers 9 months because the program started in April 2021.

Program Plan

PaintCare’s program plan for Washington was conditionally approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology on March 2, 2021. This plan describes the operations, outreach, and other activities of the Washington paint stewardship program:


Laws relevant to the PaintCare program in Washington can be found at

  • Revised Code of Washington
  • Title 70A Environmental Health and Safety
  • Chapter 70A.515 Architectural Paint Stewardship Program
  • Sections 70A.515.010 – 70A.515.130

Sales Tax

The Washington Department of Revenue has provided an explanation of why the PaintCare Fee is subject to state sales tax in the following letter:

State Agency

The oversight agency for the Washington paint stewardship program is the Washington State Department of Ecology.