Since 2014, PaintCare has helped households and businesses in Minnesota recycle more than 7 million gallons of leftover paint

WASHINGTON, DC – May 11, 2022 – For seven years, PaintCare has made it easy and convenient for all Minnesotans to recycle postconsumer (leftover) architectural paint. Last year alone (2021), the Minnesota program collected and processed over 1 million gallons of paint, stain, and varnish from all around the state.

PaintCare’s continued success is due to its unique partnership with local paint retail stores and government facilities that collect leftover paint from the public during normal business hours. The program’s network includes 261 year-round and 151 supplemental (partial-year or temporary) drop-off sites across Minnesota. Drop-off distribution helps increase recycling convenience as 97.1% of Minnesota residents live within 15 miles of a drop-off site.

Created by the paint industry through the American Coatings Association (ACA), PaintCare is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to manage leftover paint in states that have enacted product stewardship laws. In addition to drop-off sites, PaintCare also offers free direct pickups to businesses, organizations, and households with 100 gallons or more of leftover paint.

For more information on PaintCare and to find a local drop-off site, please visit Annual reports about the Minnesota program are located at

Click the link below to view a one-page infographic highlighting the successes from the most recent reporting period for the PaintCare Program in Minnesota (January to December 2021). Minnesota retailers are encouraged to print a copy of this infographic and post it for staff and the public at your business or organization.

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About PaintCare in Minnesota
PaintCare is committed to making it easy and convenient for households, businesses, and institutions to recycle leftover paint in states with paint stewardship laws. A nonprofit organization created by paint manufacturers, PaintCare sets up drop-off locations for leftover paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal, and conducts public education. More than 7 million gallons of paint, stain, and varnish have been managed by PaintCare’s Minnesota program since its launch in 2014. The program is funded by a nominal fee on new paint sales: 49 cents for pints and quarts, 99 cents for one- and two-gallon containers, and $1.99 for five-gallon containers. The fee funds paint collection, transportation, recycling, retailer training, and public education in Minnesota. All retailers must include the fee on their paint sales. For additional information, visit