Retailer Training

Retailer Training Videos

PaintCare offers the following series of helpful videos as a supplementary resource for staff training at retail drop-off sites. The videos can serve as reminders for your retail staff about topics included in the PaintCare Drop-off Site Guidelines and Training binder provided to each drop-off site.

Video 1: About PaintCare

Get an overview of how the PaintCare program works.

Video 2: PaintCare Fee

Learn how the PaintCare fee is used to fund all aspects of the paint stewardship program. Current fee structures for all programs can be found by visiting the PaintCare Fee page.

Video 3: PaintCare Products/ Non-PaintCare Products

Learn which products are accepted at drop-off sites. A full list of products can be found by visiting the Products We Accept page.

Video 4: Haulers and Pickups

Review procedures for bin pickups by haulers at drop-off sites.

Video 5: Storing and Packing Paint Collection Bins

Review guidelines for storing and packing paint collection bins.

Video 6: How Much PaintCare Products Do Sites Accept

Understand the quantities of products that sites accept and the restrictions that apply to businesses using the PaintCare program.

Video 7: Large Volume Pickups

Learn about PaintCare’s pickup service for customers with at least 100 gallons of paint, and direct them to the Large Volume Pickup Form.

Video 8: Ordering Outreach Materials

Learn more about the free outreach materials offered to all paint retailers. Order more materials by using the Online Order Form or by calling (855)PAINT09. Point of sale materials and signs for drop-off sites are highlighted in the Outreach Catalog.

Video 9: What Happens to the Paint

Learn what happens to the leftover paint products dropped off at PaintCare sites.