Official Documents

Summary of 2020 Maine Annual Report

This one-page infographic highlights the successes from the most recent reporting period (July 2019 to June 2020) for the Maine PaintCare program. Please consider downloading and printing a copy of the infographic and then posting it for staff and the public at your business or organization.

Annual Reports

PaintCare prepares an annual report for the 12 months ending June 30. The first report for Maine covers 9 months because the program started in October 2015.

Program Plan

PaintCare’s program plan for Maine was approved in August 2015. this plan describes the operations, outreach, and other activities proposed for the Maine paint stewardship program.



The Maine paint stewardship program is required by the Maine Paint Product Stewardship Law (July 2, 2013).

Sales Tax

Sales tax is not applied to the PaintCare Fee in Maine. To review the law that exempts the fee from sales and use tax, visit the Maine State Legislature’s website.

The Maine Paint Stewardship Law requires retailers of paint to include the PaintCare Fee in the sale price of program products and only sell products registered with the program. These fees are used to fund all aspects of the paint stewardship program:  paint collection, transportation, recycling, public outreach, and program administration.

State Agency

The oversight agency for the Maine paint stewardship program is the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.